Looking For Ziyi - Trailer
by Dagan Shani
Looking For Ziyi - Trailer
by Dagan Shani
ב- 7 לאפריל תתקיים בסינמטק חיפה הקרנה של הסרט שביימתי בסין "לחפש את זיי" .
אשמח לראותכם!!

לפרטים לחצו על הקישור כאן
דגן שני

This is the story of Dagan ,an Israeli guy who lives in Beijing and
believe that his landlord''s daughter who lives next door to him
is "The Road Home" actress Zhang Ziyi.
Zhang Ziyi became China''s biggest international movie star after "The Road Home", but caught by it''s character purity and gentleness in this movie,Dagan refuses to believe that the sexy women in "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon", "2046" and other presumably Zhang Ziyi''s later movies is the same one as in "The Road Home".
In his journey in Beijing''s streets to unravel her mystery,he meets many interesting people and confronting Chinese people concepts about westerners,Israelis and Jews.

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